Sleep deprivation system for rodents

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Sleep Deprivation System has been developed and created with laboratories specialized in the Sleep state of vigilance studies. Back in the middle of the 20th Century, Michel Jouvet brought different opinions to the Sleep Role. He conceived the paradoxical Sleep (REM sleep) which appears at a certain period of the sleep. While the body shows us a muscle atonia the brain is boiling, spiking some theta waves. In this goal we developed Sleepscore Software and our sleep deprivation system.

An electrical pulse is applied to an electromagnet placed under the platform that pushes it up and wakes rodents up. This simple set-up can be used to work on partial or total sleep deprivation.

Three solutions to induce sleep deprivation

  • Basic sleep deprivation: you set your parameters to generate movement of the platform and wake the animal up with different patterns of movement (i.e. every 30 sec). The pulse is randomized according to the parameter you set in the protocol.

  • Video Tracking - activity monitoring: track the animal activity 24/7 with a camera and our Video Tracking software. When the animal stops moving for more than x seconds, the software does not record activity anymore and considers the rodent to be sleeping. Then the pulse is sent to the platform at a different intensity level. Habituation is proscribed.

  • With laboratories specialized in the brain activity monitoring during the sleep stage of vigilance, we defined a new approach to analyze sleep state and induce very specify sleep deprivation.


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Electrophysiological signal

Based on the Electrophysiological signal, we record EEG and EMG. The sleep score software will automatically classify those sleep states (awake, slow wave sleep, REM Sleep, etc).

We synchronized this sleep analysis outputs with the sleep deprivation system in order to induce the most precise pulse. Our algorithm calcul instantaneously with a probality approach what phase we are looking at. (EMG = muscle atonia and EEG= theta waves => REM Sleep detected)

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Isolating Box

Moreover, you have the possibility to place your SleepDeprivation system in an isolating box. It allows you to control the environment around your experiment by choosing InfraRed or white light, isolating the ambient sound, and regulating the air streams. A camera is also set up in the isolating box in order to track the behavior and the activity states of the rodent, allowing you to get more accurate results.

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Robust and easy to use

Our sleep deprivation is used for the very long term. Just set your activity threshold or EMG/EEG recognition mode and parameter you pulse.

Connect up to four cameras with a single computer

Increase your analysis sample up to 4 cylinders. Both softwares, Videotrack and Sleep score, are able to analyze multiple subjects at the same time and wake them up according to their sleep state of vigilance.

A versatile solution well adapted to your needs

3 differents solutions are provided based on your expectations (basic, videotracking, or sleep scoring EEG/ EMG analysis).

The rodents' physiological needs are respected

Long term observation is possible - food pellets and drinking bottles are placed in the cylinder.

A solution used by almost a hundred laboratories

Being the reference in the fundamental research on sleep deprivation has been tough. But thanks to our user community, and our partnerships, we keep improving our system at the cutting edge and limitation of the current technology.

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Nature - Nature Neuroscience 25, 1059-1070
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