Mazes for behavioral research on mice or rats

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Over 30 years in the field ViewPoint has designed all existing mazes. We use specifical plastic to make it transparent to the InfraRed light.

Well compatible with our VideoTrack software, this material allows us to get the best detection of your rodents when we use InfraRed light floor in the background.

This method overcomes any light condition in the laboratory.

Open Field Test - OFT

Open Fields are usually used to analyze exploratory, stress and anxiety behavior but also to measure locomotor activity levels into the arena.

Perform also Novel Object Recognition test in our open field. One or several objects are set up into the open field.

Rodents are tested on the exploration time on the novel object setup compare to the previous experiment. The aim is to test rodents' memory deficiency.

  • Easy to set up, clean and store,

  • ViewPoint's Open Field exists in white or black,

  • Available with 1, 2 or 4 areas,

  • Analyze up to 4 open fields simultaneously thanks to VideoTrack,

  • Different sizes are available for rats and mice.

bg_support points icon Open Field Test - OFT

Barnes Maze - Learning and memory task

Rodents can be trained to use spatial cues to navigate a maze. Barnes maze tests rodents abilities to remember specific locations.

ViewPoint provides specific VideoTrack add-on in order to give you typical results from this test.

Barnes Maze has been designed from a standard set up in literature. It is compatible with the InfraRed light floor to have the best detection. That allow nose detection around the hole with our VideoTrack-Barnes.

ViewPoint provides Barnes maze for mice or rats. Easy to clean up with removable legs. Legs height is determined by the researcher convenience. We supply different starting and goal box size.

bg_support points icon Barnes Maze - Learning and memory task

Light and Dark Box - Black and White Box

The Light/Dark transition test is one of the most widely used tests to measure anxiety-like behavior. Rodents are allowed to move freely between the two chambers.

VideoTrack catches the behavior of your rodents into the open/light compartment but also into the dark/close compartment thanks to the specific material used and the back InfraRed light panel.

  • Our Light and Dark box is available for rats and mice

  • Available single one model or double (see photo)

bg_support points icon Light and Dark Box - Black and White Box

Elevated Plus Maze for mice or rats

The Elevated Plus maze is a maze using for anxiety and fear and exploratory experiments.

This EPM has been designed from the standard setup used in the literature. It is easy to clean the surface and it has a robust conception that makes it the researcher’s number one choice. And it is, of course, compatible with our tracking systems.

VideoTrack - EPM

Results generated in this experiment are obtained thanks to the EPM option, that completes normal area definition with “open” and “close” property. Usual EPM results can be deducted:

 Open arm to open arm / open arm to closed arm / Closed arm to closed arm /  Closed arm to open arm /  Total count of arms change / Head dipping count can also be added to the protocol.

bg_support points icon Elevated Plus Maze for mice or rats

Conditioned Place Preference

Conditioned Place Preference (CPP)  is used to measure rodent behavior according to different floor textures, wall drawing.

The Conditioned Place Preference protocol uses an apparatus containing two compartments. These areas are designed for the purpose of the animal can discriminate between them.

ViewPoint CPP is compatible with our InfraRed light floor.

VideoTrack catches the behavior of your rodents into all compartments thanks to the specific material used and the back infrared light.

Specification : Walls and floors are either white, black, smooth or rough / Removable floors /  The roughness of materials is made of holes with different dimension / The laminated smooth or rough walls will be the thick expected / We provide removable prisms which changing the corners shape. It will be gray PVC, heavy / 2 black roof translucent to the infrared light will be provide

bg_support points icon Conditioned Place Preference

Radial Arm Maze for mice or rats - Available with 8 or 12 arms

The radial arm maze is used to measure spatial learning and memory in rodents.

Two types of memory are assessed during the performance in this task  : the Reference memory when the rodents visit the arms of the maze which contains a pellet reward and the Working memory when rodents enter each arm a single time. ViewPoint provides VideoTrack system with a protocol based on these two memory types.

We can also supply you a pellets dispenser for rats and mice with manual reward thanks to the software or automatics reward following your protocol.

Easy to clean up with removable legs, removable corridor. Of course, the material used is translucent to the InfraRed light to get the best detection of your rodents.

Possible customization : Make removable corridor to get open radial maze /  Add legs and built an elevated radial maze 

bg_support points icon Radial Arm Maze for mice or rats - Available with 8 or 12 arms

Morris Water Maze - MVM

Morris Water Maze purpose is to evaluate spatial memory. Rodents are required to swim in the water tank in order to find the submerged platform and escape the opaque water.

Rodents do not see the platform under water. It must use specific visual cues placed around the tank in order to learn where the platform is located. The latform is included.  ViewPoint can supply a water tank available for mice and rats, automated adjustable heaters to keep temperature steady in the tank, a drainage pipe is set up to empty the tank. Dye paint is also available. Water tank is easy to clean up thanks to the drainage pipe.

bg_support points icon Morris Water Maze - MVM
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