Quantitative OptoMotor Response (qOMR) for mice

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points icon OptoMotor Response (OMR) is a reflex used to assess visual function

OptoMotor Response (OMR) is a reflex used to assess visual function. To evoke OMR, a mouse watches a striped pattern rotating within a cylinder. Stimulus-correlated head movements are quantified to determine visual thresholds.

The PhenoSys qOMR (quantitative OMR) is a unique system that automatically measures OMR with minimal experimenter effort.

It uses a virtual stimulation sphere that continuously aligns with the animal´s head position. Based on real-time head tracking quantitative OMR measurements run fully automatically and objectively.

This is a PhenoSys Collaboration product that is brought to market together with its developer, Dr. Friedrich Kretschmer.

Hardware features

  • Calibrated 4-screen environment for presenting the virtual stimulation cylinder

  • Elevated central platform for placing the unrestrained animal

  • Top and bottom mirrors to create the illusion of infinite depth for optimized stimulation

  • IR camera with adjustable IR illumination for automated head tracking

  • IR illumination for automated head tracking.

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Software features

  • Video-based real-time tracking of head movement is used for both:

    1. Continuous automated position adjustment of the virtual cylinder to the animal´s head position.

    2. Evaluation of head movement synchronous to the stimulation for a quantitative measure of the OMR. This analysis is fully automated.

  • Batch run option with multiple stimulation protocols.

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points icon These capabilities will help your laboratory achieve outstanding results

The measurement and analysis are automated

The experiment is unbiased, time-saving, and cost-effective.


No training required

Because the stimulus doesn't have to be manually positioned, there is no need for a trained experimenter.


Flexible, user-friendly experimental design and data handling.

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