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Keep the behavior of your model organism under close observation with multi purpose devices and tracking applications including: novel object recognition, learning and memory, operant conditioning, social novelty, passive avoidance, behavioral seizure, startle reflex, fear conditioning, drug testing, etc.
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Explore our zebrafish tracking solutions for your zebrafish model organism from zebrafish embryo, zebrafish larvae to adult zebraf...
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Explore our behavioral assessments solutions for research on rodent models including mice models and rats. From rodent exploratory...
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Other Species

Fast screening of activity levels, locomotion, and specific behavior of a wide range of airborne or aquatic species like Gammarus,...
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Videotracking of animal behavior: our historical know-how

Imagining and conceiving specific equipment for zebrafish research, medaka, danionella is at the very essence of our foundations as a company. Convinced that zebrafish would be the most used research model organism, we kept on developing along with researchers the proper behavioral assessment tools for zebrafish, zebrafish embryo and zebrafish larvae and other types of fishes: medaka, danionella. We have quickly become a recognized voice on the behavioral research scene.
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New website for Viewpoint - Behavior Technologies

New website for Viewpoint - Behavior Technologies

New website for Viewpoint - Behavior Technologies
Controlling behavioral data collected from zebrafish

Controlling behavioral data collected from zebrafish

Behavioral information collected from experiments is one of the key sources of information for neurosciences.
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